Tatweer Petroleum | Training Services


No. Course Title
1 Structure and Stratigraphic Approaches in Highly Tectonic Areas
2 The Full Story Prospect Evaluation
3 Exploration and Risk Analysis Sedimentology from Introduction to Application
4 Petroleum Geochemistry
5 Geo‐Mechanics Application in Petroleum Industry (Exploration + Reservoir)
6 Geosteering of Horizontal Well Test
7 Basin System Analysis
8 Wellsite Geology Operations 
9 Subsurface Mapping
10 Fundamental Structural Geology 
11 Advanced Structural Geology 
12 Sequence Stratigraphy 
13 Reservoir Characterization (Clastics and Carbonate)
14 Development Geology for Petroleum System 
15 Prospect and Play Assessment in Hydrocarbon Exploration 
16 3D Reservoir Modeling 
17 Fault Seal Analysis in Exploration (One Day Field Trip)
18 Baharya Oasis Field Trip (One Day Office)
19 Clastic/Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis for Petroleum System 
20 Borehole Image Interpretation