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Industrial Engineering

No. Course Title
1 Changing Challenges for the Operations Managers
2 Creating Value through Operations Management and Supply Chains
3 Engineering Economy
4 Foundations for Introducing and Implementing Total
5 Productive Maintenance (TPM)
6 Introducing and Implementing Preventive Maintenance Programs
7 Material Properties
8 Manufacturing Technology
9 Managers Aiming for Zero Machine Breakdowns
10 Numerical Methods for Engineers
11 Planning and Controlling Operations and Supply Chains
12 Preventive Maintenance Planning, Metrics and Benchmarking
13 Strategic Planning and Strategic Management
14 Stochastic Processes and Queuing Systems
15 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Implementation Steps and Process Improvement Tools
16 Welding Technology: Metallurgy Aspects, Safety, and Quality
17 Cost Accounting for Engineers and Technicians: A Managerial
18 Casting Technology
19 Fundamentals of metal cutting and High-speed Machining
20 High-speed Machining:
21 Just-In-Time & Lean Systems: Japanese Management in Comparison with Western Experience
22 Maintenance planning and Management
23 Manufacturing Processes
24 New Orientations for Inventory Control & Management
25 Operations and Master Production Scheduling
26 Product Design and Development
27 Quality Experts  Aiming for Zero Defect Products and Processes
28 Seven Magnificent Tools  of Statistical Process Control (SPC)
29 Systematic Approaches in Process Design, Analysis and Decision Making
30 Use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
31 (CMMS ) for Maintenance Planning and Management