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Sand Control Services

As Sand Control is the main method to prevent the migration of reservoir sand and fines into the well path; that helps to stabilize the reservoir and enhancing productivity, 

Tatweer here, offers a wide range of products and services that fit both cased and open hole applications and environments.

Through our skillful and experienced engineers, we deliver customized high quality and well-trusted outcomes to enable our clients to overcome their most challenging reservoir conditions while increasing efficiency and reducing risk.


Our Solutions are categorized as follows:

Gravel-Pack Application

Our portfolio provides reliable gravel-pack tools and accessories, backed by advanced fluids pumping capabilities, to deliver the expected performance in applications covering short and basic intervals for challenging extended-reach laterals.

Sand Control Screens

We provide the industry’s most sand control experience and a broad range of highest-performance sand control screens to increase the well life and reduce its intervention cost. 

Multi-Zone Stimulation Systems

Our Multizone Stimulation Systems will help you maximize production, this systems range from Standard Gravel Packs to diverse Frac Packs, to Ultra Deep Water System.