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Exploration & Reservoir Studies

Tatweer is a unique firm dedicated to the implementation and development of novel, innovative and evolving static and dynamic reservoir characterization, engineering and management techniques/ technologies (evaluation, interpretation, modeling, and simulation) for the new millennium. Our exclusive geophysical, geological and engineering methods are customized based on the nature and scale of the reservoir heterogeneity encountered anywhere in the world. This uniqueness assures our techniques as the only universal tools to be utilized in studying those challenging complex geological and engineering problems.


We master approaches that will enhance your reservoir description/ characterization, recovery/ production rates, and management through integrated multi-disciplinary team harmony at a very cost-effective scenario. Tatweer experts can tackle every specific heterogeneity challenge. Tatweer, also, manages strategic alliances with several leading firms. This diversity allows us to flexibly handle every aspect of the petroleum industry as it develops. No job is too big, complex, small or simple for us.


Tatweer primary focus is to characterize the static (geological) and dynamic (engineering) features of the reservoir through innovative and integrated formation evaluation/ reservoir characterization techniques.  Our multi-disciplinary teams of reservoir engineers and geoscientists bring the expertise and technology required to properly evaluate any hydrocarbon reservoir.


Specifically, Tatweer along with our strategic alliances offers:

   -  Turn-Key Integrated Reservoir Studies

   -  Acquisition & Divestment (Data room support)

   -  Peer review