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Peer Review

Most peer reviews in the oil and gas industry are designed to ensure that all aspects of a technical project have been adequately considered and uncertainties have been correctly addressed. The assistance of independent, external experts can lead to the identification of potential study or project enhancements and will provide constructive suggestions that challenge the initial study outcomes. Tatweer provides quick and efficient peer reviews and second opinions that will ensure that your project uncertainties are well understood and high-quality standards are achieved to ensure maximum returns on the investment in your asset. For the Peer Review of your study, project or field, we put together a fit for purpose team composed of seasoned subject matter experts. These professionals have varied backgrounds that include geophysics, petrophysics reservoir geology, reservoir engineering, and petroleum engineering. Our team will work closely together with your technical team to ensure the timely completion of the Peer Review. This will include a challenging discussion with your team to ensure the seamless integration of your team’s knowledge into the Peer Review outcomes. Subsequently, our team will undertake an analysis of your study, project or field focusing on the accuracy and precision of your data, integrity, and consistency of your processes and analyzing any risks, opportunities, and uncertainties. We will report our outcomes during a meeting that includes your technical team and we can elaborate our findings in a written report that will include recommendations.