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Acquisition & Divestment (Data Room Support)

Acquisition and Divestment (A&D) activities are an integral part of the global oil and gas industry and constitute a valuable means to manage and strengthen your company’s asset portfolio. Any business transaction requires an understanding of all the factors constituting the valuation of an asset and the risks and benefits associated with the transaction. At Tatweer, we understand the complexity of such transactions and can ensure a swift and reliable progression. The sale or acquisition of any existing oil and gas asset requires the evaluation or provision of a large amount of data. Data rooms are the common means of transferring relevant information. Tatweer can assist in an efficient and high-quality handling of your data room requirements our integrated multidisciplinary teams offer expert technical support during your asset evaluation process. Our seasoned A&D staff amalgamates technical insights with commercial, legal, economic, financial and other key aspects and defines all risks and opportunities in order to arrive at the best possible business transaction for your company. Using quick-screening tools we can swiftly identify key value drivers that will focus your team’s efforts to ensure time-efficient delivery of assessment results. Access to our extensive global client network allows smooth cooperation with mall to large companies, private equity institutions, equity and debt providers, brokers, sovereign wealth funds and other service providers. Through our network, we are aware of current and imminent opportunities which can give you a competitive edge. Our team can also conduct opportunity screening exercises combining our software tools with market intelligence based on your search criteria. For your acquisitions, we collect and structure all your information for provision to potential buyers through an information memorandum, a virtual data room, and management presentations. For the virtual data room, we can autonomously manage the time-consuming question and answer process. For your divestments, depending on your requirements.