Tatweer Petroleum | Training Services

Mechanical & Design Engineering

No. Course Title
1 Heat Exchangers: Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design,
2 Operation, Control and Troubleshooting
3 Improving the Performance& Reliability of Fired Heater & Boiler
4 Modern Automotive Technology: (Autotroniucs)
5 Instrumentation and Control: Sensors, Actuators, and Industrial Applications
6 Plant Operation, Commissioning & Start-Up
7 Power and Desalination Plants: Based on Gas Steam Turbines
8 Pipeline Fabrication and Maintenance
9 Process Plant Startup, Commissioning & Troubleshooting
10 Pumps Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
11 Pumps Technology for Juniors
12 Refinery Process Operation, Control System &Troubleshooting
13 Refinery Equipment’s Operation and Troubleshooting
14 Surface Production Operations
15 Trouble Shooting of Modern Refinery
16 Valve Maintenance & Technology
17 Valve Types: Operation & Applications
18 Water Treatment for plant utility, Off site & Cogeneration
19 Augmentation of Power and Performances: Improvement
20 Strategies for Gas Turbines and Combined Cycles
21 Boilers: Design, Operation, Control and Management
22 Blowers, Compressors, and Turbochargers: Operations
23 Troubleshooting and Maintenance
24 Centrifugal Compressor: Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
25 Centrifugal Compressor: Maintenance and Failure Analysis
26 Control Valve Maintenance, Operation & Valve Selection Techniques
27 Fans & Blowers: Selection, Operation, Maintenance and Applications
28 Fitness for Service (FFS) for Piping & Pressure Vessels
29 Gas Processing Treatment and Sulfur Recovery
30 Gas Turbines 11: Design, Performance, and Reliability
31 Gas Turbine Protection: Inspection Control, and Monitoring
32 Gas & Steam Turbines Plants: Design, Performance, and Monitoring
33 High – Compression Diesel and Gas Engines: Maintenance and
34 Troubleshooting
35 Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting
36 Mechanical Seals Troubleshooting and Maintenance
37 Steam Turbine Maintenance:
38 Turbine, Generator, Maintenance and Troubleshooting