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Reservoir Engineering

No. Course Title
1 Resources and Reserves Evaluation 
2 Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
3 Introduction to Reservoir Engineering
4 Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering
5 Applied Reservoir Engineering
6 Advanced Enhanced Oil Recovery 
7 Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery 
8 Practical Enhanced Oil Recovery 
9 Advanced Reservoir Simulation using Simulation Software
10 Advanced Heavy Oil Production Technologies
11 History Matching and Reservoir Optimization
12 Assuring Flow from Pore to Process
13 Analysis and Development of Tight Gas Reservoirs
14 Simulation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
15 Advanced Well Test Design and Analysis
16 Deterministic Resources Evaluation
17 Advanced Reservoir Engineering
18 Conducting an Integrated Reservoir Study
19 Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes: Chemical, Miscible, and Thermal
20 Formation Evaluation
21 Open and Cased hole logging
22 Conducting an Integrated Reservoir Study
23 Forecasting Production and Reserves Estimation
24 Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs - Workshop
25 Reservoir Fluid Properties and EOS
26 Applied Reservoir Simulation
27 Applied Reserve Evaluation
28 Integrated Transient Pressure and Production Data Analysis
29 Applied PVT and EOS Modelling 
30 Petroleum Economics 
31 Waterflood Management
32 Conventional & Special core analysis     
33                  Reservoir Surveillance