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Drilling Fluid Products

Tatweer Petroleum Services will provide you with a portfolio of advanced solutions and in-depth expertise to help you meet your operational goals with our:

Corrosion Inhibitors

Eliminating corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas, and preventing the formation of a production-impairing scale.


Preventing bacterial degradation and reducing the souring of drilling mud.

Alkalinity Control

Adjusting and regulating the degree of acidity or alkalinity of drilling fluids.


Counteracting the formation of foam, which can negatively affect the production process as a result of liquid carryover.

Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents

stabilizing temperatures and Controlling filtration.

Filtration Reducers

Eliminating formation fluid loss caused by the liquid phase of drilling fluid.

Foaming Agents

Improving air or gas drilling across water-bearing formations with chemical offerings that work as surfactants.


Increasing the viscosity of water-based drilling mud to enhance the hole cleaning.

Lost Circulation Materials (LCM)

Sealing loss zones and preserving operational integrity.

Pipe-Freeing Agents

Freeing pipe with spotting or soaking agents for all types of drilling fluids.


Reducing the coefficient of friction for minimizing torque and drag while drilling with water-base fluid.


Drilling effectively with scavengers which are effective at all pH levels found in most drilling fluids.


Reducing interfacial tension between water/oil, water/air, water/solid, and other contacting surfaces.

Scale Inhibitors

Inhibiting the deposition of mineral scales.

Temperature Stabilizers

Improving the thermal stability in higher temperature environments, and increasing the rheological filtration stability of drilling fluids.


Increasing contact with formation waters to enhance water-sampling performance.

Weighting Agents

Controlling formation pressures, facilitating the pulling of dry pipe and preventing formation caving.

Thinners & Dispersants

Helping in modifying the relationship between the viscosity and the percentage of solids in drilling fluids.

Wellbore Strengthening Materials

Minimize lost circulation, strengthening unstable wellbores, and mitigating other issues that can affect project efficiency and economics.

Shale Inhibitors

Inhibiting reactive shales with a suite of environmentally, low-toxicity and acceptable additives.


Improving the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capability of drilling fluids.